52 weekends in Serbia

How to spend weekends in Serbia? During last 12 years of providing intercultural training for expatriates coming to Serbia, one of the questions that always comes back is ‘How to to spend a good time in Serbia?’ or ‘What can a family do for a weekend here?”. Of course, it very much depends on your […]

Costs of living in Belgrade?

According to Numbeo, the costs of living in Belgrade are 56.03% lower than in New York and 52.85% lower than in Brussels, ranking 444th out of 573 cities in the world. In case you are moving to Belgrade or still considering the expatriation to Serbia, visiting Numbeo website might give you some orientation about the […]

The World Bank about doing business in Serbia 2018

According to the latest World Bank’s Doing Business report, Serbian economy ranks 43rd in the world (out of 190 countries). The biggest improvements, the World Bank claims, have been made in the areas ‘dealing with construction permits’ and ‘registering property’. In comaprison to the neighbouring economies, Serbia scores better than Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece. […]

Inat: “Serbia’s Secret Weapon.”

The meaning of the Serbian word inat in a bilingual dictionary like Morton Benson’s is often defined in terms of malice, spite, or grudge. None of these is a direct equivalent and each contains only a partial component of the emotional complexities the word suggests to the Serbian ear. A closer correspondence for inat would […]

Grumpy in Belgrade

What has happened with the word “please” in Serbian? How does it feel to be a customer in Belgrade? Why do you hear the locals far too often saying “This is Serbia!”?

I Married a Serb!

This movie is a story of five extraordinary British women who stubbornly maintain that they are just ordinary women who simply fell in love.

How to understand Serbs

“How to Understand Serbs”, edited by Nicholas Comrie and published by B92 Samizdat in English, is a unique collection of reflections about life and culture of Serbia.