Are you...

... moving to Serbia?
... interested in finding out about core cultural values in Serbia?

Do you...

... wonder about the specifics of Serbian business culture?
... want to have a smooth transition into your new social and cultural context?
... need to get more practical information about living in Belgrade and Serbia?

Would you...

... like to know more about Serbian attitudes towards foreigners?
... like to better understand the behaviour of the locals?
... like to get a better understanding of the history, economy and politics of Serbia?
... like your starting period in Serbia to be made easier for you and your family?

If you have answered YES to most of the above questions, then this training opportunity is definitely for you.

“The key to success is the effective adaptation to the new cultural context”

Living in Serbia

For expatriates, life in Serbia can be an amazing experience, but it can also be a nightmare. The key to success is the effective adaptation to the new cultural context, both in the work setting and the daily life. In order to facilitate a smooth adaptation, ‘Living and Working in Serbia’ will help you better understand some of the local customs and unwritten rules, it will also provide you with useful tips for life in Serbia.

Expatriation itself is not just an exciting professional challenge, it is also a challenging experience for families and relationships. This course takes into account not just the need for a successful adaptation of the employee, but of the family as a whole.

Doing business in Serbia

For working successfully with your Serbian colleagues and partners, you need to know the dominant Serbian styles in communication, negotiation and leadership. At the same time, it is also very useful to know key historical, economic and political data and how these affect corporate relations. Only a better understanding of these culturally shaped expectations will help you in adapting your own approach for achieving better results in your new cultural context.

This course will help you avoid ‘cultural mistakes’ and provide you with non-censored and non-biased information on Serbian culture and how it affects both daily life and doing business in Serbia. Your participation in the course will save you time, energy and money, by bringing you faster to the top of your performance in this new cultural context.

Key facts about the course


To facilitate the effective adaptation of expatriates, (and their families), working for Serbian businesses, multinational companies, international organizations, or Embassies in the Serbian cultural environment.

Course formats

Individual, family or group training.


Typically 1 or 2 days for the best results; however, more specific and shorter “briefing sessions” are also available on request.


The course is delivered as an ‘in-house’ programme; the actual location is agreed with the client.


- Tailor-made programme to suit the needs of each client

- Interactive, educational, inspiring programme

- Using of practical examples and case studies

- Accurate information and up-to-date cross-cultural research data

Topics covered

- Serbian culture unfolded: history, customs, unwritten rules, core values, etc.

- Serbian business etiquette: leadership, communication, employee motivation, decision making, negotiations, customer behaviour, etc.

- Cross-cultural research about Serbia;

- Cultural differences explored between the country of origin and Serbia;

- Culture shock and strategies for effective cultural adaptation;

- Practical information about living in Belgrade and Serbia: schooling, child care, socializing, travelling, administration, language, etc.

- Expatriation as an opportunity for developing intercultural competence.


The course saves the expatriate’s time and energy in understanding potential intercultural challenges. It is a valuable asset for developing effective strategies on how to deal with most challenges that will be faced, thus helping her/him in becoming fully culturally competent and effective at work.

Additional services

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment; follow-up coaching.

Download brochure

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Trainer: Darko Markovic

Darko’s expertise lays in his competence to unlock the power for learning and development in his clients. In his work he aims at integral and long lasting solutions, effectively combining assessment, training and coaching – thus helping individuals and organizations grow.

He has more than 15 years of training and consultancy experience with corporate, public and non-profit clients. He has provided his services in more than 20 different countries, working in intercultural teams and within international projects.

Darko is a specialist in working with multinational companies and international organizations. Amongst the others he has worked with: Delhaize; Japan Tobacco International; VIP Mobile; P&G; Philip Morris International; Continental; Norma Group; GfK; Telenor-ProMonte; US Steel Serbia; Schneider Electric; NIS – Gazprom Neft; ERSTE Schtiftung; Michelin-Tigar Tyres; Council of Europe; European Commission; UNDP; UNICEF; UNWomen, Swiss Development Cooperation Office (SDC); USAID/Chemonics International; OPTO International, VNG International, etc.

“It is very useful to know key historical, economic and political data and how these affect corporate relations”

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The Inn.Side agency for professional training and development of human potentials is an innovative training company that stands out with its interactive and participative methodologies. Each Inn.Side training is tailored to the needs of each client. The Inn.Side team of trainers and consultants have a vast experience working locally, regionally and throughout Europe.

The vision of the Inn.Side agency is the establishing of a learning society, where there are companies that continuously grow through the development of their employees, and that diversity is perceived as a resource, not a problem.

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